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Single Arm Mobile Filtered Smoke System

Single Arm Mobile Filtered Smoke System

Product Features

* This product is designed for welding fume extraction and has high suction and sealing feature.
* Suction arm can rotate 360 ​​°
* The special aluminum filter for particulate and welding burr retention prevents thick parts and hot burrs from reaching to the filter at next levels.

* Second-stage filter is carbon impregnated EU5 grade fiber and retains particles at odor and micron level.
* The third stage filter is in H15 HEPA class and retains 99% of dust and fume.
* There are two types as single and double arms.
* You can perform maintenance follow-up with the filter full warning indicator on Adv-mobile.

Technical Specifications

* Suction capacity: 1200 m3/h
* Filter combination: Metal + Activated carbon impregnated  
 Fiber + H13 Hepa
* Filter sensitivity: 99.5%
* Motor power: 1,0 kW (220 V) 2800 rpm
* Dimensions: (LxWxH) 660x620x750 mm (EXCLUDING THE ARM)
·*Weight : 80 Kg
* Standard flexible arm length: 3 meters
· * Illuminated filter full indicator


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