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Portable Filterless Smoke Suction System

Portable Filterless Smoke Suction System

Portable  System without Filter

Easy to carry These are the units used for suction and extraction of fume, steam, dust, odor and similar gases. They can be used for ventilation in reverse mode.

Intended use;
It is a highly practical mobile unit for many uses, such as welding fume extraction, exhaust fume extraction, vapor absorption, fine dust extraction, ventilation of boilers, tunnel-pipe ventilation, container ventilation etc.

Heat and abrasion resistant, flame retardant, anti-static, polyurethane STRONG-L flexible suction and extraction hoses with spiral steel wire are manufactured as 5 meters as a standard length and can also provided in different lengths. There is magnetic fan shroud with legs at the end of the suction hose. The main input cable with plug is 5 meters long. The unit is equipped with a start-stop motor protection switch.


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