Advent Hose Industrial and Technical Spiral Hose

Advent Hose

WHO? Advent Hose

The aim of the company is to provide quality production and customer satisfaction. Pile. Fog. Since its inception, it has been a solution partner for many sectors. Developing quality products by closely following the developing technology offers to the market. R & D activities and stable sales policy by identifying the needs of customers fast and economical solutions are found.

Production facility located in Adana; Spiral wire polyurethane hoses, Flexible air ducts, Welding smoke extraction and filtration systems are produced.

Apart from the standard products, we are active in the field of industrial ventilation by identifying the needs of customers and providing technical support to our customers.

  • Engineering

  • Production

  • Technology


To provide users with high quality products that are easily accessible at affordable prices and ensure this is sustainable.

Respecting the values of our employees, our society and our consumers while providing sustainable and stable earnings.

Operating as a company that adheres to universal values, fulfills corporate social responsibility obligations and respects the environment.


To be a world-class, competitive, strong and reputable world company that creates value for our customers, our employees and our country, grows with the difference it creates, depends on social and cultural values.