Advent Hose Industrial and Technical Spiral Hose

  • welding smoke extraction systems

    Advent Smoke
    Suction Systems

    Advent welding fume extraction systems

  • exhaust fume fan
  • hot air hoses

    Hot Air Hoses

    Industrial smoke is called spiral hose used for suction suction and ventilation.

  • Polyurethane hose

    Porter Spiral Wire Polyurethane Hose

    Spiral Polyurethane Hose is used for the evacuation of chemicals and fine particulate materials in solid liquid gaseous state.

  • Smoke evacuation system

    Smoke Evacuation System

    Practical smoke evacuation system is used in firefighting and industrial industry.

  • automotive hoses

    Automotive Hose

    Spiral hoses for air purge and different purpose in the automotive industry

Advent Industrial Polyurethane Spiral Hose

Spiral polyurethane hoses are used in industry and many other fields. Although their structure and usage varies according to sectoral area, they are advanced robustness and extremely durable products. Resistance to heating and wear is quite high. Advent Hose Polyurethane Hose, Wire Hose, Food Hose, Dust Suction Hose, Mine Hose, Hot Air Hoses, Clip Hose, Anti-Static Hose, Road Sweeping Hose, Acrobat Arm Hose, Chip Hose and Industrial Fan production.

Industrial and Technical Hoses

Industrial and Technical Hoses

Industrial and technical hoses, hot-cold and abrasion resistant hoses used in many areas of the industry are often used for air and gas flow and discharge in the industry. Steel Wire Spiral Hose Products manufactured from polyurethane material are resistant to industrial and industrial hoses and are used in many fields.

Smoke Extraction and Evacuation Systems

Smoke Extraction and Evacuation Systems

You can use Advent Fume Extraction Systems in smoke extraction and smoke extraction processes such as welding, cutting and welding of metal, ceramic and plastic parts made in the region. The fume extraction system used to eliminate industrial fumes is produced with human health in mind.

Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans, with our wide standard product range, we produce the most suitable solutions for your projects with our special design radial and axial fans as well as fast, economical and quality solutions. Advent Hose products, which have a wide range of industrial fan types, are used in areas such as air evacuation.

Industrial and Technical Hoses

WHY Advent Hose?

Spiral polyurethane hose produced in desired dimensions in production is preferred as Advent Hose as the address of quality and assurance. The usage areas of spiral hoses are quite wide. The technical and industrial hoses used in the industry must be very durable. As Advent Hose, we produce spiral polyurethane hose products by following new technologies and sectoral needs. Polyurethane-Pu Hoses, PVC Hoses, Hot Air Hoses, Wear Resistant Polyurethane PU Hose, Flame Resistant Antistatic Polyurethane Hose, Polyurethane Food Hoses, Gray Powder Suction, Heavy Duty Hoses, Black Powder Suction, Transparent Wire Hose (Food Hose), Neoprene Hose It is diversified as Silicone Hose, Hot Air Hoses.

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Polyurethane Spiral Hose

Endüstriyel Spiral Teknik Hortumlar

Steel Wire Spiral Hose is produced from polyurethane material and it is very durable and durable. It is produced by Advent Hose in industrial industry. We produce spiral polyurethane hoses used in many sectors which are resistant to abrasion with different wall thicknesses.