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Importance and Necessity of Ventilation

Importance and Necessity of Ventilation

The need for clean and healthy air, which holds an important place in human life, is increasing day by day. The importance and necessity of the ventilation come to the fore due to the development of the industry, the construction of high buildings and the increase in the places where people are collectively. In these closed areas, the crowded human communities or polluted air in industrial environments should be renewed and renewed continuously.

Natural ventilation methods are inadequate, or in-room heat is kept constant and ventilation is required by mechanical ventilation systems. Fresh air and exhaust systems are used in these systems. Natural-mechanical ventilation and mechanical ventilation are used based on the energy source that activates the ventilation system. Exhaust air aspirating flue extractors are examples of natural mechanical ventilation. Ventilators with inlet and mechanical output through natural aeration, ventilators with inlet and outlet through mechanical ventilation, and ventilated and aspirator systems with inlet and outlet through mechanical ventilation are examples of mechanical ventilation.
Ventilation systems are installed indoors to create indoor and outdoor air. In this way, it is possible to prevent the loss of the desired heat with the exhaust air inside the exhaust system while the fresh air is allowed to penetrate without affecting the hot or cold air. The most important elements in the ventilation systems are the cleaning, temperature and speed of the air. According to these values, ventilation requirements are determined and the necessary devices and systems are determined. During this detection, carbon dioxide gas, heat, water vapor, humidity and harmful substances that are formed in industrial environments are taken into consideration. In order to ensure an efficient environment, these factors in the air must be cleaned. In order to understand that the environment has adequate ventilation, it should be ensured that the distribution of the air is distributed in a way that it can meet the needs, that the air currents do not cause disturbances and the mechanical installation and the working ventilator and other devices do not cause any disturbing sound.
3194 numbered zoning law has been pointed out in the air conditioning problem in the environment and sufficient light and ventilation is required in the housing. In order to prevent heat loss, the sealing measures applied to the structures also eliminate the possibility of ventilation. In addition, internal air pollution was found to be 30% in public buildings. This is because the required ventilation systems are not applied and the ventilation systems used are insufficient. In order to meet the required ventilation requirement, the correct calculation should be made in the environment and the installation should be made in accordance with the installation plan. These devices should be placed close to the outlet on the roofs in case of disturbing noises caused by cell and snail fans.
Consideration should be given to mechanical ventilation systems that should be implemented in order to provide improvement in housing and industrial areas and to meet people's ventilation needs. In our country, the owners of workplaces should be more meticulous about the ventilation needs in their workplaces and the supervisors should be sure that the harmful air that will cause negative effects on the employees is evacuated.

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